That Thing Under Your Nose

Hopefully you have read our earlier post. Jay and I decided we can’t encourage others if we don’t share our testimony. That includes the positive moments and the negative ones too.


Have you ever been ready to confront someone and God told you not to? That’s why it’s important to seek counsel from the Lord, before we do anything that deals with confrontation.  There have been many instances where Jay and I want to confront those people that have hurt us the most. However, after we pray about it God will say “No, you two just be still!”. It’s always a reminder to us that our situation is in God’s hands not ours.


While the Lord is working on our situation we still have peace and joy. We have that peace because we  are being obedient to God. Living without the burden of conviction from God  is the best peace ever! We have learned that God has to work through the individuals first. Plus, God is still working with Jay and I we aren’t perfect. However, we have been receiving so much favor and unexpected blessings. That just shows Jay and I that we are walking in the will of the Lord. We have also become more obedient with tithing.


However, we have enough common sense to know that sending a hateful e-mail, placing a negative phone call to degrade someone, sending an immature Facebook message, a spiteful text message or calling someone terrible names  won’t help anything. If you don’t have your flesh under control these things are easy to do! We are mature enough in our walk with God to know, if the Lord is not involved in everything that we do it’s not going to work out in our favor.


Save yourself a whole lot of conviction from God. Learn to let God fight your battles. Don’t be immature and gossip and spread hateful rumors about others. The quicker you learn to control that thing under your nose the better off you will be.

Peace and Love,



This Was Hanging In The Recreation Room At My Grandpa's Nursing Home I Thought It Was Worth Sharing
This Was Hanging In The Recreation Room At My Grandpa’s Nursing Home I Thought It Was Worth Sharing



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