What Marriage Means To Me

I’m excited because in a few week Jayson and I will be celebrating three years of marriage. A few weeks ago I shared on my personal Facebook page what marriage meant to me. I thought a few weeks later it would make an excellent blog post!

People usually fall in love with the idea of a wedding, not marriage. Marriage is more than a white dress, wedding photos and great reception dances that may go viral. Marriage is not your engagement ring setting from Jared or how much money your spouse spent on your engagement ring or wedding band.

Marriage is loving on your spouse harder through depressions and the storm seasons that life will bring. Marriage is encouraging your spouse to finish their education and pushing them towards graduation. Marriage is loving your spouse enough to tell them when they aren’t sleeping or eating enough and making them take a nap! Marriage is budgeting at the kitchen table and tithing despite your money being funny. Marriage is laying hands on your spouse and praying the walls of hell down for them when they’re sleeping. Yes, take advantage of those opportunities when they’re snoring. Ask God to pour favor, grace, forgiveness, understanding, mercy, and anointing into your marriage.

Marriage is hard work, and it requires you to become unselfish! My husband’s needs are mine, and my needs are his. Jayson and I are always helping each other change for the better in our marriage!




Perfectionism Was Destroying My Spirit

A few months ago my husband and I attended a donor appreciation dinner at our local foodbank that we support. Jayson was looking at our pictures we took for the donor dinner. Jayson said, “I haven’t seen you this happy in years. You were absolutely beautiful.” Jayson wasn’t the only that has noticed the change in my spirit.

I’m excited about what God is doing in my life. I am thankful for my marriage, family, and friends. I’m happier because I am no longer a control freak and I got rid of the “perfectionist spirit” I had. I’ve also learned to choose my battles with God’s help. I surround myself with good people, who aren’t afraid to call me out when I am wrong. My husband is excited about my new joyous spirit, and it has made me a better wife.

I haven’t been this happy in years. I’m still growing in Christ every day. Volunteering time and financial support to a great cause have totally changed my perspective on a lot of things. I’m more grateful and giving will do that to you. The thing is, God wants us to enjoy our lives, and I love mine!

Enjoying Life In Virginia,


A King Is Worth Waiting On

I’m blessed to have a husband that loves me despite all of my imperfections. I love the little things that my husband does. I don’t have to pump my gas. Jayson helps me when I wash and blow dry my hair. Jay is an excellent provider, protector, nurturer, and leader. God’s anointing and favor is a powerful thing in marriage. I’m thankful I didn’t settle for less. I waited for the one God created for me. No, the waiting season is never easy, but it’s worth it. Ladies, don’t settle for a court jester when you could have a king. A man should be courting you correctly anything less is beneath you.
#CourtshipWorks #Proverbs31


Unbalanced Roles In Relationships

Women are finding themselves single, and they can’t figure out why. From an early age, women are taught that we don’t need a man for anything. We can do it all by our self; this is a lie from the pit of hell and if you disagree with me consult your bible.

I’ve never met a man who loved coming home and competing with his wife. God has called men to be providers and protectors for their wife and children. I think this is a lot of pressure men already have on their shoulders. A man needs to feel needed and wanted. Women allow your man to be a man. He is not your girlfriend.

God knew what he was doing when he made Adam and Eve. He created Adam first then created Eve from part of Adam’s rib. See, there was a natural order from the beginning. Husbands are supposed to lead their wives and children. A husband is a spiritual leader, protector, and provider. Ladies if you can’t grasp this concept than more than likely you will stay single. A man who is sold out for Christ will honor you and make you his bride. He won’t make you wonder about his intentions either.

Please stop getting all of your relationship advice from social media figures, celebrities, and friends. The word of God has all the answers you need!




Just Apologize Already

Have you ever noticed how some Christians would rather gratify their flesh instead of apologizing when they are wrong? Once God convicts your heart of wrongdoing just apologize. Trust me it’s never too late to apologize. Just make sure your apology is sincere. Please don’t apologize by saying, “I’m sorry you felt that way.” Newsflash that’s not an apology and don’t keep repeating the same offense. Relationships can be saved if people would get over themselves and apologize. I know years ago I could care less about what I said to others. I am glad to say I am finally at a place where apologizing is easy. I pick and choose my battles with the Lord’s help. Praise God for spiritual maturity! Let’s all make a conscious effort to be kinder to one another. Praise God for second chances. Remember no one has ever died from giving an apology!



Homemaker and College Woman


Hey Everyone,

I have totally been neglecting my blog. I genuinely miss connecting with my fellow blog followers. I do have some exciting news to share with you all! After a lot of prayers and getting the green light from God this woman is back in school. I am enrolled in a reputable, accredited online program at a well know Christian University in my state of Virginia. I am in my third semester as a full-time online student. I am thankful that my grade point average is a solid 4.0, the work can be tedious, and it seems like I am never going to finish. I always get it done, though. I remind myself that I am blessed to be a homemaker while pursuing my education.

I do plan to go back to work someday in my degree field. Jayson and I agree that if we decide to start a family, I will stay at home and raise my child. However, when our child reaches school age, I will probably work part-time. My top priority will always be my family. Education is something that can never be taking away from you. I think being a homemaker is a fantastic job. However, I have to be prepared for whatever life may throw my way. I grew up hearing my grandma say: “You have to be also ready!” I am on track to complete my degree in about a year and a half. I have my associate’s degree thankfully the majority of my credits transferred.

My classes are broken up over eight weeks each week contains a folder that contains all of my assignments, discussion boards, and exams. I’ve been asked how I complete my assignments ahead of time. I keep a checklist of all of my assignments, and my planner is my sidekick. I learned the importance of not waiting around to the last minute to complete assignments. A few months ago I finished all of my coursework a week before the class was ready to end. I had a week of relaxing and Hallmark movies planned out. Unfortunately, I came down on with the flu. I was able to rest and not worry about rushing to complete coursework. I would appreciate if you all would keep me in prayer as I pursue my degree.


Faithful Friends

Wow, I want to have friends like the four men mentioned in Mark 2:1-12!

Jesus was teaching at a home in Capernaum. The news traveled so fast, and the house was packed. You couldn’t get inside of the house or outside of the house. The four faithful friends didn’t let that discourage them. According, to my bible study the guys probably used the outside stairs. That’s how they got their paralyzed friend to the roof!

Good friends will dig a hole in the roof just for you to get near Jesus. The four men knew that their paralyzed friend needed a healing touch from Jesus. So, if your friends aren’t trying to get you in front of Jesus, drop them immediately. Please pray for anointed friendships!

I am currently studying the Stronger 7 Session Bible Study written by Angela Thomas. God put it on my heart to find an excellent Bible study that I could do at home. I must say the Stronger Bible Study has served as a complete blessing in this season of my life. Please consider this Bible study for yourself.